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STM EcoSystems Offerings

  • Highest efficiency dry sorbent injection components and systems for acid gas removal

  • Reliable activated carbon injection components and systems for heavy metals, mercury and dioxin/furan removal

  • Innovative SNCR sorbent injection components and systems for dry SNCR DeNOx

  • Dual-fluid, air atomized evaporative spray cooling components and systems for hot gas cooling and conditioning
  • Slurry-on-demand systems that eliminate slurry pumps and instrumentation

Dry Sorbent Injection and Gas Cooling from Process Control Experts
STM was the first company worldwide to offer sodium-based, dry sorbent injection equipment used for acid gas scrubbing. Today, STM boasts an extensive experience on trona, sodium bicarbonate, dry lime and activated carbon injection equipment and complete systems for gas cleaning applications.

Your Solutions Supplier
STM EcoSystems is a preferred equipment supplier to some of the world’s leading air pollution control companies.

STM prides itself as a leading technology company with respect to R&D, engineering, design and manufacture of dry milling/grinding, dosing and dry sorbent injection equipment. We are the only dry sorbent injection component system supplier who also designs and engineers systems, based in part on our own experience in designing dry feeding, sorbent grinding/milling and spray cooling system components for over 30 years, combined with our process experience from designing air pollution control equipment for various different OEMs and end users in various different industries. We are not just a components manufacturer who also supplies systems, but rather an experienced solutions provider.

We offer a wide and complete solutions range for dry sorbent injection systems, from a single loss-in-weight feeder to a complete retrofit solution, from a feasibility study or CFD to after-market services and maintenance. We work as a partner to several air pollution control OEMs to help them provide the best possible solution to their own customers.

Our team of engineers can provide every kind of technical support and assistance for greenfield installations or the modification of existing systems, whether the problem be injection capacity, system performance or equipment obsolescence, by implementing the full range of STM EcoSystems solutions.

What Do You Ask Of Your Dry Sorbent Injection Systems?
First of All, Maximum Efficiency and Reliability.

Only a system that provides maximum reliability can guarantee availability and continuity. Reliability, in this case, means continuous injection of a sorbent that meets a specific injection rate accuracy – and this reliability presupposes a system that provides maximum efficiency under all operating conditions.

More Savings, Accurate Injection Rates

STM EcoSystems dry dosing, gas cooling and dry sorbent injection systems are the answer to customer demands for:

  • Low capital cost

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Elevated reliability

  • Guaranteed continuous operation

  • Accuracy of injection rates

The result are an exceptional and reliable line of products, whose design is the result of all of our experience, with the quality and performance our customers have come to expect of the STM label.

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